Road Trip (2000)

Road Trip came out during a time when comedies involving high school/college kids were all the rage. A lot of the jokes still work today, either that or I just enjoy them after all these years. Sean Williams Scott plays the same role over and over that he is the perfect guy for this type of story. The story has some really bad characters in it that take the story down a few notches, yet this is still a must watch for anyone thinking about a road trip or attending college for the first time.

I Am Number Four (2011)

I don’t usually like these type of sci-fi stories, where characters have special powers and they are hidden among us to “protect earth”. The young star-studded cast and how down to earth everything is supposed to feel is what really won me over. Of course no action flick could end without an epic show down, which makes I Am Number Four a fun and entertaining introduction into a world we don’t know much about. I’d totally support a sequel or franchise for this story if the cast stayed the same and the story continued to entertain.

First Knight (1995)

I consider myself a romantic soul, so it wouldn’t be a surprise to many of you that I fell in love with First Knight. This film, with great leading actors, is probably the most romantic telling of the famous King Arthur story, filled with passion, desire, and heart. Maybe I think Julia Ormond is the perfect Lady Guinevere or that Richard Gere once again steals a movie with his charm. Even though I love King Arthur (the Clive Owen movie) a lot more, I do have a soft spot for this version too.

The Eagle (2011)

The Eagle is one of the better Roman Empire stories out there because Channing Tatum pours his heart and soul out for his character. His determination to find the missing “eagle emblem”, which was a central figure in his dad’s army, is what really won me over. The first battle scene is not great and anticlimactic, yet to watch our wounded hero stand up for what he believes in at the end is awe-inspiring. Critics and movie goers didn’t really enjoy this film as much as I did because after watching it at the theatre, I bought it.

Just My Luck (2006)

Just My Luck is a funny take on what life is like in the other shoe. Chris Pine and Lindsay Lohan have good chemistry together as each one tries to figure out why luck is on their side, and why the other is so unlucky. In the classic case of opposites attract, these two will cross paths that leads to a fun chaotic ride of ups and downs. Ana really wanted me to watch this, which gave me a few laughs while reminding me of what Lindsay could have been.

Blue Crush

Sometimes the best stories are the rags to riches, over coming all the odds, to win something or become a better person. I can’t say whether it the was cast or the surfing storyline, but something about Blue Crush just didn’t click for me. The water shots are really spectacular, as the surfers ride inside the waves, yet the pity party thrown by the lead character didnt win me over or make me care whether or not she wins. This is one of the better surfing movies out there, but with a different cast they could have pulled something better.


Mulan is one of Disney’s most prolific female heroes, who takes us on a journey of discovery and proving the doubters wrong. I liked this movie except for two things, how annoying Eddie Murphy was, and how rushed the big battle was. This film was running along just fine, only to hurry itself to the ending. It seemed very anti-climatic in my opinion. I know there are several sequels, which I have yet to see, but I am willing to bet that they don’t hold up to the original. Mulan

Abzurdah (2015)

Love can make you do crazy things. First time love can really leave you with scars or alter the course of your life forever. Based on a true story, Abzurdah is the heart breaking tale of a girl who did everything she could to win over and keep her first boyfriend, while allowing her life to spiral out of control while he uses her on and off for a decade. This film is in Spanish with English subtitles, and would be a really good case study film for disorders. I personally thought she was just stupid, hence the lower score.

The Never Ending Story (1984)

The NeverEnding Story may be a gem for some people, but for me I couldn’t get pass the really bad CGI characters and lame story. Fueled by imagination and the idea of creating fantasy worlds, I just didn’t get attached to the characters or the boring story. Considering this came out in the early 80s, I got to give credit to the CGI, which appeared to very advanced for the time. It may seem like I don’t have a heart or soft spots for kids living out their struggles in imagination land, I just didn’t like this version of such a story.

Rules Don’t Apply (2016)

Thank God for Wikipedia because after watching this movie I needed to know more about Howard Hughes and his strange behaviors. Warren Beatty took on a tough assignment with this project and from what I learnt, did a fantastic job portraying his character’s true personality. Just when you think the movie will go down the most conservative and predictable path, Beatty flips the script and makes you gasp at the craziness happening on-screen. I liked the old school Hollywood vibe of the movie and the values of the time period.