run time: 130 mins
rated: PG-13
considered: Adventure, Drama, Fantasy
starring: Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, Billy Burke, Sarah Clarke, Ashley Greene, Jackson Rathbone, Kellan Lutz, Nikki Reed, Peter Facinelli, Elizabeth Reaser

movie summary: Edward leaves Bella after an attack that nearly claimed her life, and in her depression she falls into yet another paranormal relationship this time with werewolf Jacob Black. (

my thoughts: New Moon is the second movie and book of the Twilight Series which introduces us to new storylines and plot twists. In this film, Bella is left all alone when Edward dumps her and moves away. Their relationship was an ongoing problem, because he needed to protect her from all the dangers of his world. Bella turns into a very depressive anti-social person, who suffers from nightmares every night. Bella’s dad Charlie (Billy Burke) thinks that maybe moving back to Phoenix will help, but Bella insists on staying in case Edward comes back. She agrees to make an effort and starts to hang out with her childhood friend Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner). Together the pair hang out all the time, and for the moment Jacob fills the void left in her heart. Edward appears to Bella when she goes on a dangerous motorcycle ride, which then turns her into an adrenaline junkie. She decides to try cliff diving into the ocean, hoping this would bring him back, but Jacob rescues her. Far away in Rio, Edward thinks Bella is dead, and goes to Italy to meet with the Voltori, the head vampires of the world. Edward requests to be killed because he can’t live another day without Bella. Back in Forks, Jacob professes his love for Bella and tells her his secret that he is a werewolf. Edward’s sister Alice (Ashley Greene) returns to find Bella is not dead, and needs to bring her to Italy so Edward will stop his plans. Jacob fights for her to stay, but in the end she chooses to go and try to see Edward before it’s to late.

Before Breaking Dawn Part 2 (2012) came out, this was my favorite movie of the series. I can’t put into words why, maybe it’s the tone of the movie, but this is the one movie of the five I have watched the most.

my star rating: 9 out 10