run time: 97 mins
rated: 14A
considered: Romance
starring: Ryan Kwanten, Sara Canning, Ryan McPartlin, Kristen Hager, Catherine O’Hara
movie summary: Leo the dishwasher falls in love with a bride on the day of her wedding – to another man. (

my thoughts: The Right Kind of Wrong will not be a blockbuster hit but is a charming romantic comedy about finding true love and over coming fears.

Ryan Kwanten stars as Leo Palamino who has failed at almost everything in his life. Leo’s dream of being a published author didn’t pan out as he planned so he ends up as a dishwasher in his friend’s restaurant. His marriage is over when his wife Julie (Kristen Hager) starts a blog about him called “Why You Suck.” She leaves him after her blog becomes one of the most viewed and talked about sites online, which land her a book deal, and an eventual best seller. Leo mopes around for months watching Julie have all the success he once dreamed of.

One day Leo’s life changes when he meets a women named Colette (Sara Canning). At first glimpse, she is everything he could have ever wanted in a women, except one problem, he meets her at her own wedding! This doesn’t seem to bother him because he crashes the wedding party and asks her out. After a few punches, he is thrown out but has no intentions on giving up. Over the next few weeks, he tries his best to find out all he can about her and when he gets his chance, he tries to convince her that he’s a better match then her rich lawyer/jock husband Danny (Ryan McPartlin).

Danny thinks Leo’s pursuit is funny at first, but after numerous attempts grows tired of everything and starts to make Leo’s life a living hell. Colette begins to notice how different Leo is compared to Danny, but has absolutely no interest in him. Leo tries as hard as he can, even attempting to over come his fear of heights to prove that even though he may not be able to offer all the spoils she has now, he is deep down a good guy.

Colette’s marriage grows tense after she learns Danny has issued a life altering threat to Leo. Leo agrees and stops his pursuit of her, which makes her realize that he was in fact a great guy. She leaves her husband but in the end doesn’t run to Leo either. Over the next few weeks, Leo discovers after all his hard work to win Colette over, that he has grown as a person and begins to fix any problems he has in his life. Thanks to the success of Julie’s book, he finally gets his own book published. He realizes that despite his short comings, is a great guy who believes that impossible things are possible. Even if that includes being in love with a married women.

The Right Kind of Wrong is a hidden gem in the romantic comedy genre. For once, someone created a unique plot that is different and will make everyone laugh out loud. Despite the fact it doesn’t feature any major actors/actresses, this movie would be a must watch for anyone who likes romantic-comedies. Filmed in and around Banff, Alberta this heartfelt comedy will make audiences realize that impossible things are possible, and that anyone can over come their fears and short comings through hard work. The final lesson of the movie is that the right person is out there even if you happen to meet them at the wrong time.

my star rating: 7 out 10