Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers (1995)


run time: 88 mins
rated: R
considered: Horror, Thriller
starring: Paul Rudd, Donald Pleasence, Marianna Hagan, Mitch Ryan

movie summary: It’s been six years since anyone in Haddonfield has seen or spoken a word about Michael Myers and Jaime Lloyd. Halloween has been banned ever since 1989 and amazingly no one has died. The local college kids have rallied together and are hosting a festival to celebrate the lifting of the Halloween ban, only to have Michael reappear and ruin the night.

my thoughts: Halloween 6 opens up with Jaime giving birth to a baby boy deep in the dungeons of who knows where. Shortly after the cord is cut, the baby is baptized with the Thorn symbol (Michael’s curse) cut into his chest. The baby is rescued by a nurse who tells Jaime to flee before Michael kills them. He chases Jaime and the baby to an old farm-house where she is murdered but Michael doesn’t find the baby.

Tommy Doyle (Paul Rudd) steps into the storyline after almost 20 years. He now lives across the street from the Michael’s house and watches it on a nightly basis waiting for him to come back. Relatives of Laurie Strode now live in the house because no one else was interested in buying it. On Halloween Eve, he listens to Jaime phone into the radio station for help and realizes Michael is back. The next morning he sets out to find out what happened the previous night, only to discover the missing baby at the bus depot where she made the call.

Dr. Loomis (Donald Pleasence) learns of Jaime’s death and returns to Haddonfield. He bumps into Tommy at the hospital, who tries to explain what he knows about the previous night before security runs him out the building. Back at the Myers house Michael has killed a few of the Strode family members who happened to be home during the day. Tommy returns in time to meet Kara (Marianna Hagan), the middle-aged daughter, who lives there. Together they return to Tommy’s house where he explains everything about Michael, the curse, and the horrible events that have happened in her house. Kara explains her son Danny (Devin Gardner) has been hearing voices, having really bad nightmares, and drawing some violent pictures.

By evening, Michael has crashed the festival and killed a bunch of people, before returning home. The man in black, Doctor Terence Wynn (Mitch Ryan), reappears to kidnaps Kara, Danny, Tommy, and Jaime’s baby. They wake up in padded rooms at Smith’s Grove where Michael has been hiding out all along. Dr. Loomis finds out who the man in black was, and that he was responsible for kidnapping Michael and Jaime back in 1989. The other dark secret Loomis discovers is that Dr. Wynn wants to preserve the curse of Thorn and Michael’s legacy, so Michael is the biological father of Jaime’s baby. Loomis loses his mind and threatens to kill Dr. Wynn, but in return he gets knocked out. When he awakes Michael has killed almost everyone in the hospital including Dr. Wynn. He now must find Tommy, Kara, Danny, and the baby before Michael does and it’s too late.

Anyone who loves the Halloween series will know there is a producers cut of this movie with about 30 minutes of additional scenes that offer up more perspective on the current storyline. I find Halloween 6 to be scary and Michael is very intimidating in this film, but who ever wrote this fell way off the original storyline wagon. They seem to be reaching for characters and someone decided to reintroduce Tommy Doyle and then have Michael father a baby. I personally wish this movie was remade or never existed because it opens up new plot lines that may never have an ending.

Donald Pleasence passed away during filming of this movie. He was a well-known actor before this series, but he will always be fondly remembered for his role as Dr. Samuel Loomis.

my star rating: 5 out 10

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