run time: 105 mins
rated: PG-13
considered: Comedy
starring: Michael Douglas, Robert DeNiro, Morgan Freeman, Kevin Kline, Mary Steenburgen, Jerry Ferrara, Romany Malco, Michael Ealy

movie summary: Three sixty-something friends take a break from their day-to-day lives to throw a bachelor party in Las Vegas for their last remaining single pal. (

my thoughts: Last Vegas is the story about best friends since six years old, Billy (Michael Douglas), Paddy (Robert DeNiro), Archie (Morgan Freeman), and Sam (Kevin Kline) who haven’t seen each other for years, but gather together for Billy’s bachelor party in Las Vegas. Despite a little friction between Billy and Paddy, the four of them manage to pull off one heck of a weekend party.

The group land and exchange greetings before heading to the hotel/casino. Once there, they stumble across a beautiful singer named Diana (Mary Steenburgen) who they all flirt with. Archie hits up the casino to drop half his pension savings while Billy goes to the check out the chapel. After racking up some winnings, the hotel offers the four guys the penthouse suite and their own concierge.

Sam, Archie, and Billy plan on going out to a nightclub to dance, drink, and hook up with girls. Paddy stays behind because he hates the whole idea of being in Vegas and just wants to go home. Of course the guys get into a fight at the club and Paddy shows up to save the day.

Paddy comes out of his sour puss shell in the morning and decides to throw the biggest party for Billy. During the day while the guys set up the suite for the party, Billy sneaks away with Diana. After spending the day together, he realizes that there is a connection between them and starts to second guess his own wedding.

The party is a huge hit with hundreds of people packed into the penthouse suite. Sam manages to sneak away with a young girl, Archie’s good time comes to a halt when his son crashes the party, while Billy and Paddy end up in a fight over their feelings for Diana.

The next morning everyone’s hung over, while Paddy realizes that he needs to let the past go and be there for his best friend. The guys watch as Billy and Paddy patch up their differences before Billy comes to his senses that he’s not in love with his 30 something girlfriend. The group now have to pull off one more thing together and that’s get Billy to Diana before it’s too late.

Last Vegas is a hilarious movie with so many old man jokes and guys being guys moments that will leave audiences laughing out loud. Despite it’s predictable story and ending, people will get their money’s worth when they go see movie icons Douglas, DeNiro, Freeman, and Kline in action.

my star rating: 7 out 10