Keeping the Faith (2000)


run time: 128 mins
rated: PG-13
considered: Comedy, Drama, Romance
starring: Ben Stiller, Edward Norton, Jenna Elfman, Anne Bancroft,

movie summary: A story about two friends, a priest and a rabbi, who fall in love with the same beauty (Jenna Elfman). (

Ben Stiller stars as Rabbi Jake Schram, opposite Edward Norton as Priest Brian Finn. These two have been best friends since childhood, and 20 years later, the pair are the hottest ticket in their respective community churches.

Jake is the playboy of the Jewish community. He is good-looking, charming, funny, and everyone tries to set their daughter up with him. Brian, on the other hand, is the perfect reserved, never dating Catholic Priest. Their friendship and lifestyle are about to be turned upside down when their best friend Anna Riley (Jenna Elfman) returns after 20 years. The pair meet her at the airport to find out she has turned into a beautiful bombshell. She comes across a smart, sexy, charming woman who is out to conquer the world.

Jake starts to secretly date her, but he is afraid to commit long-term because of their different religious views. Brian, who has no clue about their relationship, falls in love with her and starts to debate giving up his priesthood for her. Everything falls apart for the trio when Jake dumps Anna. She turns to Brian for comfort, but instead, he throws himself at her. The truth comes out that she doesn’t love him like Jake, and Brian is left heartbroken and upset. He has been lied to by his two best friends, and just when he thought he found love, it was all an illusion.

Brian sets out to find Jake and makes him realize how great a girl Anna is and that he needs to win her back before it’s too late.

my thoughts: Keeping the Faith is a funny and charming romantic comedy that shows us the lighter side of love and religion. Stiller and Norton are great leads who appear to be really ordinary people who value their friendship and relationships as much as their religious beliefs. Elfman is superb, with stunning good looks and a playful personality that make these two men question their faith to be with her.

The plot and acting are not cheesy like the typical rom-com, which will allow people to laugh at these three and their pursuit of happiness.

my star rating: 7 out of 10

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