Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (2002)


run time: 179 mins
rated: 14A
considered: Action, Adventure, Fantasy
starring: Elijah Wood, Ian McKellen, Liv Tyler, Viggo Mortensen, Sean Astin, Cate Blanchette, John Rhys-Davies, Billy Boyd, Dominic Monaghan, Orlando Bloom, Christopher Lee, Hugo Weaving, Sean Bean, Ian Holm, Andy Serkis, Bernard Hill, Karl Urban

movie summary: While Frodo and Sam edge closer to Mordor with the help of the shifty Gollum, the divided fellowship makes a stand against Sauron’s new ally, Saruman, and his hordes of Isengard. (www.imdb.com)

In the Lord of the Rings: the Two Towers movie the epic war of middle-earth is shaping up, while current keeper of the One Ring Frodo (Elijah Wood) and his hobbit buddy Sam (Sean Astin) continued their journey to Mount Doom to destroy the golden ring everyone is about to fight for.

The fellowship which only has Aragon (Viggo Mortensen), Legolas (Orlando Bloom), and Gimi (John Rhys-Davies) left after an Orc attack at the end of the first movie,  head to Rohan where they encounter the King Théoden (Bernard Hill) who is under a spell of one of Saruman the White’s (Christopher Lee) henchmen. Gandalf (Ian McKellen), who sacrifices his life in the first film, returns as Gandalf the White and breaks the spell. Saruman after learning his spell has been broken sends in the Orc army and the Wild Men of Dunland to take over the Rohan kingdom.

Meanwhile somewhere on the trek to Mordor, Frodo and Sam run into Gollum (Andy Serkis) and kidnap him before releasing because Frodo feels bad for him. He realizes what the power of the One Ring has turned him into and doesn’t want to hold him captive. Sam struggles with convincing Frodo that Gollum is evil and will kill them to get his precious ring back. Soon all three are captured by the Rangers of Ithilien and Frodo must disclose that he has procession of the ring and that Gollum is trying to take it back.

Merry and Pippin get their own side story when they are captured by Orcs and run into the Fangorn forest to escape. They meet Treebeard who is a living and talking tree that is also the leader of the Ents. He vows to protect the hobbits and return them to safety. They tell Treebeard about the war that is about to happen and he shrugs it off until he reaches the end of the forest to see it has been burnt down and destroyed. He meets with the rest of the Ents to set up a battle plan for joining the war Saruman’s been striving to achieve.

Tension builds back in the fields of Middle-Earth as the evil armies are getting closer and closer. King Théoden’s men move to Helm’s Deep for a chance to defend themselves against Saruman’s Uruk-hai creature army. Aragon, who was left for dead earlier but survives, rounds up the best men, dwarfs, and elves to lead the charge against the invading army. As the battle rages on, Gandalf appears with Eomer (Karl Urban) and his men to help turn the tide against the Uruk-kai pushing them back into an ambush by the Ents and Huron armies, which could be powerful enough to finally defeat Saruman and his evil armies.

my thoughts: The very first time I saw this movie I was extremely confused. There was so many characters and sub plot storylines that I didn’t know who was on whose side and didn’t know who was good or evil. In the two times I’ve seen this movie since then I have able to piece it together.  (I think) ha ha.

Fans of the series will know that throughout the three movies there are lots of battles for power and control, so it only makes sense that the second installment has more fighting then the first one. The armies grow both for the humans and the creatures while the tension builds amongst the humans on how to defeat the power evil forces. This provides characters like elf Legolas, dwarf Gimli, and humans Eomer and Aragon to step up to be leaders and represent their own kind.

Gollum begins to become a major piece of the puzzle on how to get the ring to its final destination while Frodo begins to breakdown both mentality and physically from the One Ring powers. In the beginning Frodo was pitied upon for having such a daunting task ahead of him, but during his journey he changes and even though there is a good person in there he turns into a real jerk. Everyone will feel bad for Sam because he has to deal with Frodo’s mood swings and Gollum’s evil tricks, but he manages to stick through the worst of it to prove his loyalty to Frodo no matter what they experience together.

The Two Towers has amazing CGI creature armies, trees, and battles scenes while providing all the scenic backdrops that we have become accustomed to from the first film. The second installment was tougher on every character in the story in terms of being physically and mentally strong as they fight through some major battles. Soon this will all seem like practice battles compared to what’s coming next.

my rating: 8 out 10


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