run time: 89 mins
rated: 14A
considered: Horror, Thriller
starring: Andrew Jacobs, Jorge Diaz, Gloria Sandoval, Gabrielle Walsh, Katie Featherston

movie summary: Last time any of us watched a Paranormal Activity movie, the fourth installment had ended with Hunter being taken by a group of witches who were part of a demonic covenant.

Two years later in 2013, a guy named Jesse (Andrew Jacobs) is at his high school graduation. His best friend Hector (Jorge Diaz) has just bought a new digital camera and begins to film his everyday life. Together the pair live in an apartment complex where some weird stuff always seems to go down. Jesse shares an apartment with his grandmother (Renee Victor) while a shady women named Anna (Gloria Sandoval) lives downstairs and always has strangers over.

One night Jesse and Hector are lighting fireworks outside when a kid from Jesse’s school jumps out of a window from Anna’s apartment. Within minutes the cops are on the scene where Anna is found dead. The boys can’t believe what has happened and after a few days they break into Anna’s apartment to see what weird stuff she had. They discover a journal with demonic symbols in it which they conclude after some research was used to perform rituals. In the living room they find a trap down that leads to a basement area with more demonic symbols and other evil-looking things.

The very next morning Jesse wakes up with a mark on his arm and within days starts acting extremely weird. He is able to do things with his body that defy the laws of gravity and develops a really mean attitude towards everyone including his grandmother, sister, and Hector. When he gets upset he begins to move things and react violently towards people around him before waking up from a zombie like state not knowing what has just happened. Things continue to get worse when Jesse destroys everything in the house then kills his grandmother. He disappears which leaves Hector and Marisol (Gabrielle Walsh) to go on a man hunt to find him. They are able to contact Ali (Molly Ephraim), the daughter of Christie from Paranormal Activity 2, who informs them of the covenant house where her brother was taken after being abducted. The pair go gets some gangster friends with shotguns to try to break into the house. Witches start coming out of everywhere and attack the four of them. After getting into the house Hector uses his camera light to walk around the house and avoid the witches. He manages to survive until Jesse shows up and kills him…or so we are left to believe.

my thoughts: I have yet to review a Paranormal Activity movie and was really scared with the very first film of this franchise before they became predictable and laughable. Sadly the franchise has run out of storylines so they break off the original storylines and came up with this horrible story. There is only three connection points that tie this recent installment to the first four movies, but two of them make no sense what so ever. The introduction of a demonic door that can allow someone to travel between other evil worlds makes no sense and is really stupid.

I am being very blunt with my thoughts on this movie, because wow this franchise has totally gone downhill since the first few films. This was one of the few movies I’ve seen recently where I was checking my phone to see how much more I had to endure. This is supposed to be a scary movie but seriously there was like 7 minutes of potential scary moments and even those moments were not even scary! I’m giving this movie a low rating with hopes that they don’t make another one but this is a low budget movie and if it makes any money expect a sixth installment.

If you already seen this movie I feel bad that you wasted your money, if you haven’t yet skip this and wait for something better.

my star rating: 1 out 10

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