3 Days to Kill (2014)


run time: 117 mins
rated: 14A
considered: Action, Crime, Drama
starring: Kevin Costner, Amber Heard, Hailee Steinfeld, Connie Nielsen, Tomas Lemarquis, Richard Sammel, Marc Andreoni, Bruno Ricci, Jonas Bloquet, Eriq Ebouaney, Joakhim Sigue, Alison Valence, Big John, Michael Vander-Meiren, Paolo Calia

movie summary: Kevin Costner is back to business as usual on the big screen as Ethan Renner, a dying CIA officer who is tracking an international arms dealer called the Wolf (Richard Sammel) in Paris. Ethan has chosen to relocate to the city because his ex-wife Christine (Connie Nielson) and daughter Zoey (Hailee Steinfeld) live there and with only a few months to life wants to reconnect with them.

Ethan and his team are hot on the trail of an Albino arms dealer (Tomas Lemarquis) who is about to pull off a huge deal with the Wolf when their cover is blown and a shoot out happens at a downtown hotel. Everyone is gunned down except Ethan and the Albino, who flees the scene on foot. Ethan is able to catch up to him but collapses when he is about to arrest him. When he wakes up in the hospital he is told by his doctor that he has brain cancer that has spread throughout his body. Another CIA agent named Vivi (Amber Heard) shows up and offers Ethan a life saving experimental drug in exchange for him to pull off one more job, find the Wolf and kill him.

Ethan mentions he is now retired and wants to reconnect with his family, Vivi persuadesĀ him with more money and a better pension for his daughter. They reach an agreement and Ethan is dropped off at his apartment where he finds a poor black family squatting at his place. He takes some things out of his safe and stays at a hotel, while reaching out to Christine about coming back into their lives. Vivi is never far away and pushes Ethan to remember he has a job to do. The pair spend the afternoons hunting down clues and killing anyone who has information about the Wolf. Ethan returns home every night to play dad despite feeling the horrible side-effects of the drugs he’s on.

Clues lead Ethan and Vivi to the Wolf’s accountant who gives the duo the location of his next deal. Ethan goes there only to find the Albino and the Wolf together. He chases them down into the subway before collapsing again allowing the bad guys to get away. Ethan ends up in the hospital again where Vivi is disappointed with him and threatens to take the drugs away unless he performs the job he agreed to.

Zoey has a boyfriend whose parents are throwing a black tie party which Ethan and Christine are invited to. After a few days bonding again, Zoey loves the idea that her dad is coming and can meet her boyfriend’s parents and approve of their relationship. When all the families gather for introductions Ethan comes face to face with the Wolf who is business partners with Zoey’s boyfriend’s dad. Within minutes bullets interrupt the party and destroy everything made out of glass. Both Ethan and the Wolf end up in the lobby after crashing the elevator where Ethan had another reaction to his medicine and passes out. Vivi shows up to clean up the mess, but it may be too late for Ethan.


my thoughts: I missed the days when Kevin Costner made half way decent movies. He recently returned to the big screen in Man of Steel, followed by a not so special part in Jack Ryan, and now an even less impressive role in 3 Days to Kill. This movie, story, and plot has been recycled so many times it was really tough to root for this movie. In the typical story of a dad who is a super agent that abandons his family in pursuit of bad guys, has a life changing event happen and now wants to make everything right. Anyone with half a brain could have figured out the ending to the movie within 15 minutes, let alone figure out he was going to win his daughter’s heart over and make everything right. I had a hunch that the party was going to be the place where the good guys and bad guys meet and have a shoot out because the movie was shaping up that way. The only good parts of the movie besides the sexy Amber Heard and her heavy red lipstick, was Ethan’s struggle to balance family time and work time. He does his best to be dad of the year and CIA agent of the year especially when he has to pick Zoey up with a bad guy tied up in the trunk.

3 Days to Kill is a very predictable movie that a very few people will like, while many will see this as something to watch to kill time. I would not recommend paying for this movie, just wait to watch it for free on Netflix.

my star rating: 2 out 10

imdb.com: 6.4 out 10
rotten tomatoes: 33% out 100%
metascore: 40 out 100

2 thoughts on “3 Days to Kill (2014)

  1. Good review Ryan. If anything, this movie is only slightly more watchable because of Costner’s presence, and even then, I’m not too sure.

    1. Thanks Dan, Costner is def getting old and doesn’t seem to have “it” like he did in the 1990’s, minus Waterworld of course ha ha.

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