Captain America (2011)


run time: 124 mins
rated: PG-13
considered: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
director: Joe Johnston
starring: Chris Evans, Hayley Atwell, Sebastian Stan, Tommy Lee Jones, Hugo Weaving, Dominic Cooper, Richard Armitage, Stanley Tucci, Samuel L. Jackson, Toby Jones, Bruno Ricci, Neal McDonough, Derek Luke, Kenneth Choi, JJ Feild

movie summary: Steven Rogers (Chris Evans) is a proud American from Brooklyn, who despite his small statue and appearance, tries his hardest to join the military to go fight in World War II. After numerous attempts and rejections, he is recruited by Dr. Abraham Erskine (Stanley Tucci) for a top-secret project to create a super solider.

Rogers is enlisted into the army and put through boot camp where is by far the weakest link in his group. Colonel Phillips (Tommy Lee Jones) begins to question his decision to train him while Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) takes a personal liking to the skinny kid from New York. Rogers is a smart soldier who thinks and acts quickly on his feet while showing compassion along with great leadership characteristics other recruits don’t. Dr. Erskine allows Rogers to prove himself to the Colonel and the rest of the military leaders before he is chosen for the transformation.

On test day Rogers heads to a secret underground lab in the Bronx where he will under go the procedure to transform his body into a lean mean fighting machine. Some of the people in attendance laugh at the sight of him, but when the transformation is happening sometimes begin to go wrong but he yells out that he can handle it and requests more. When he steps out of the chamber, everyone is amazed that the procedure actually worked. He is taller, has more muscles, and quicker reflexes. Just when  room begins to celebrate, an undercover solider for the evil Johann Schmidt (Hugo Weaving) shoots Dr. Erskine before stealing the drug used to create super soldiers. Rogers chases him across the streets of New York to the Bay Area where Heinz Kruger (***) tries to escape by submarine. Rogers hops in and drags him back to shore where he kills himself before revealing any information about his assignment. Colonel Phillips tells Rogers he is to report to the medical lab for tests, while the Senator who funded the project wants him on the front lines of the bonds fund-raising campaign.

Rogers becomes Captain America, the patriotic solider who wants you to buy bonds to help the boys on the front lines. Show after show he plays his part but deep down wants to be overseas helping his brothers. After a performance in front of tired and battled tested men in Europe, he gets booed off stage and feels disappointed that his life has turned into a sideshow. Colonel Phillips is holding a meeting to discuss how several hundred troops, including Rogers best friend Barnes (Sebastian Stan), have been captured and that there is not much to do in order to save them except win the war. Captain America decides to take matters into his own hands with the help of Peggy and Dr. Howard Stark (Dominic Cooper) to skydive into Schmidt’s camp and rescue the trapped prisoners. Inside enemy walls Captain America comes face to face with Schmidt who reveals himself to be Red Skull the original Dr. Erskine creation. They exchange a few blows before Red Skull escapes to leave Captain America alone to escape the inferno at the base.

In a few days all the men who survived the firefight at the military base reach their own US home base alive and well. Captain America is now in charge of a select group of men who will take the battle straight to Red Skull and his other secret base locations. Soon the Americans turn the ride in their favour thanks to Captain America who is on his way to the Alps mountains where Red Skull is hiding. The Captain allows himself to get captured as a decoy for the rest of the men to raid the base, which allows for an epic fight between Red Skull and the Captain. After a fist fight and gun battle, Red Skull shoots his way aboard his escape plane that just happens to be loaded with six mega bombs destined to destroy American cities. Captain America never backs down from a fight so he picks himself up from the fight and tries his best to board the plane, stop the bombs, and put an end to Red Skull to save the American people.


My thoughts: Chris Evans hit the career jackpot when he landed the role of Captain America. He may have been the first Avenger in many different capacities but when the rest of the Avengers form their rock star group, Captain America comes across as the weakest link yet again. He has a very creditable back story as the skinny kid who showed more heart then a whole army platoon, but his abilities are just normal. With the exception of an indestructible shield that he uses like a yo-yo, Captain America can take a bullet just like everyone else. He’s just fortunate enough that he can recover quickly and survive.

This movie has a solid supporting cast with the likes of grumpy and sarcastic Tommy Lee Jones, the beautiful officer who falls in love with Captain America, Hayley Atwell, and of course the baddest guy of the war not named Hitler, Hugo Weaving. The quest for a superhuman has been explored for many times in many different fashions, but was brought to life by the brilliant Dr. Erskine played by Stanley Tucci.

Captain America has many flaws with character development, storyline, and action but overall isn’t the worst Marvel movie to date. I thought the first Thor movie was bad, but then the sequel came out and made everything better. My hope is the second movie in the Captain America storyline gets better and restores the Captain to a higher standard compared to the back seat he took in the Avengers.

I would recommend checking this movie out so you have a better understanding of how and why he became Captain America but other than that you’re not missing much. There are many references to future Avengers story lines and characters throughout the movie and of course after the credits, so if you feel like you’re missing something, this movie may have some answers.

my star rating: 6 out 10 6.8 out 10 79%
metascore: 66/100


7 thoughts on “Captain America (2011)

    1. Thanks Dan. I had a hard time getting into it way back in 2011, but in the two times since I have a better understanding of the Avenger universe which makes it more enjoyable.

    1. Winter Soldier was a massive improvement across the board, but in those improvements he kind of loses his character roots. Both are great films!

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