The Other Woman (2014)


run time: 109 mins
rated: PG-13
considered: Comedy, Romance
director: Nick Cassavetes
starring: Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann, Nikolaj Costner-Waldau, Don Johnson, Kate Upton, Taylor Kinney, Nicki Minaj

movie summary: Three attractive girls find out that the man of their dreams is cheating on them. Carly (Cameron Diaz) is a drop dead gorgeous lawyer who could have any man she wanted when Mark King (Nikolaj Costner-Waldau) steps into her life. He is a successful business guy who drives a fancy sports car, takes her out for fancy dinners, and spoils her with gifts. When the time comes to meet Carly’s dad Frank (Don Johnson) he bails with the excuse he must return to his home to fix a broken pipe. Carly gets upset until her dad convinces her to go visit him and make it a special night.

Dressed up a sexy plumber, Carly shows up to Mark’s house to meet Kate (Leslie Mann) his wife. She tries her best to get out of the awkward moment before vowing to never speak to Mark again. After a few days Kate stops by Carly’s office to confront her about having an affair with Mark. The two do not get along in the beginning even though Kate continues to show up to talk and cry because she has no friends. One night Carly agrees to take Kate out for a drink and let her vent which turns into a late night out at the bar. These two women are not supposed to be friends but soon begin hanging out on a regular basis to come up with the worse possible ways to get Mark back.

One night Mark takes a phone call in a different room where he whispers sweet nothings to someone on the other end. Kate thinks Carly is still sleeping with Mark which leads her to flip on Carly at their next lunch date. Carly explains she has no interest in ever being with Mark again before they realize that there must another girl! The two begin to track Mark’s dinner and travel plans which leads them to Amber (Kate Upton). This new girl who Mark rushes off to see is young and beautiful but extremely dumb. Carly and Kate awkwardly introduce themselves to Amber who had no clue that Mark was married or had a mistress. The three girls agree to be best friends and take down Mark both on a personal and professional level.

After some great news about his business plans, Mark begins to show more interest in his marriage which leads Kate to second guess her divorce plans. Amber and Carly are disappointed that she has broken down and allowed herself to be sucked back into his games, but they agree to let things go and move on. Kate agrees to meet Mark on a business trip to the Bahamas, where Amber and Carly show up for support in the event something goes wrong. The trio get more than they bargained for when they catch Mark with another woman and that he has been performing some shady business deals outside of the country. This new information is all Kate needs to bring Mark down for all his bad decisions .


my thoughts: I was pretty excited to see The Other Women once the trailer came out. Sadly this movie didn’t live up to the hype I built up for it, but it was still a decent movie. By all accounts this movie is a chick flick where someone can meet up their girlfriends and share a few laughs together. The theatre was almost sold out with women who were laughing all movie while only a few parts made me laugh out loud. I felt bad for any guy who was in the theatre because this movie wouldn’t have been for them.

The cast is led by beautiful and sexy women like Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann, and Kate Upton, but even their appearances can’t save the predictable and lame plot. Diaz and Mann share great chemistry on-screen but when this duo becomes a trio, their interactions don’t flow as easy. Upton played the perfect dumb blonde bombshell, even though she was probably just being herself. She really had no reason to become the third wheel in the film but was most likely cast to enhance any male’s viewing pleasure. Nikolaj Costner-Waldau is great as the sly sneaky playboy who thinks everything is perfect in his life and that he has everyone fooled. Little does he know when things begin to go wrong for him that his mistresses are actually best friends and plotting against him.

The Other Woman will get the ladies out of the house for a movie night that will leave a smile on their face. Most people will be able to overlook the bad writing and story thanks to the crazy things the girls get into but like I said before it just isn’t enough. I personally didn’t love it as much as I wanted but I also didn’t hate it like some other critics out there.

my star rating: 5 out 10 6.4 out 10 25% out 100%
metascore: 39/100

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7 thoughts on “The Other Woman (2014)

    1. I actually didn’t go see the Counselor, I heard so many bad things about it. She has been around for a while now with a long list of movies some good, some not so good. Still a box office draw though. Thanks for the comment 🙂

  1. Not a good film. The actresses should be bummed because they are not made to be very sympathetic. I did not laugh and I’m usually easy to please with a comedy. Glad you found something to enjoy, I was mostly bored.

    1. I will admit I don’t think I will ever watch this movie again but I did get a few laughs out of it. This could have been a whole lot better and didn’t ultimately meet my expectations, but what can you do ha ha. Thanks for the comment.

  2. Good review Ryan. These girls just annoyed me. Not because they were playing pranks on a man like five-year-olds, but because they just didn’t seem to gel all that fine together.

    1. Thanks Dan, I got annoyed when Kate Upton showed up because there was no real need for her to have a part besides being girl #3. There were a few moments they appeared to gel and many more where they didn’t. This will be a one time watch forever ha ha.

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