The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014)


run time: 142 mins
rated: PG
considered: Action, Adventure, Fantasy
director: Marc Webb
starring: Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Jamie Foxx, Dane DeHaan, Colm Feore, Felicity Jones, Paul Giamatti, Sally Field, Embeth Davidtx, Campbell Scoot, Marton Csokas, Louis Cancelmi, Max Charles, B.J. Novak, Sarah Gordon, Chris Cooper.

movie summary: Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) has been busy since the last time we saw him flying across the streets of New York City. He fights crime, goes to school so he can graduate and dates the beautiful Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone). Spider-Man’s life is about to be turned upside when an old friends helps bring to life two super creatures to take away another person from Peter’s life.

Gwen is selected as valedictorian for their high school graduation and while she is giving her speech Peter is nowhere to be seen. He’s across town fighting the good fight as Spider-Man who is hot on a trail of a hijacked truck carrying Oscorp chemicals. When he catches the bad guys he swings his way to the podium to receive his diploma and a kiss from Gwen. The pair meet for dinner where they have a heart to heart talk and Gwen tells Peter she’s tired of his indecisiveness about their relationship so dumps him.

Across the city Harry Osborn (Dane DeHaan) has returned to the city to visit his dad Nathan Osborn (Chris Cooper), founder of Oscorp and Richard Parker’s boss, because he is dying. Harry becomes the CEO of Oscorp when he dad dies, his first goal is to figure out what to do with all the research programs. Max Dillon (Jamie Foxx) is the head tech guy for the company who dies on his birthday trying to fix an electrical problem. Officers on the board of directors set Harry up for murder which forces him to resign from the company and walk away.

Harry finds out he has same the disease his dad died of, so he reaches out to Peter to contact Spider-Man and arrange a meeting. The two meet in Harry’s apartment where he begs for some of Spider’s Man blood to help him fight off the disease and heal himself. Spider-Man tries his best to explain that he can’t do anything like that but Harry refuses to listen and gets really upset forcing Spider-Man to leave. Harry is so enraged that he breaks into Oscorp to break out Max who has awoken as Electro, a super creature that thrives off energy and hate. The two share a common enemy and agree to aid one another to bring him down.

Peter’s personal life is all over the place with his aunt and girlfriend. Spider-Man’s life is about to chaotic when Electro invades the city’s power grid to make himself invincible. Gwen is on her way to the airport to go to school in Europe when Spider-Man swings his way to the bridge to stop her, together they watch as the city goes dark and Electro invites Spider-Man to a fight. Gwen tags along despite Peter’s protest because she knows how to turn the generators back on and the two can try their best to bring Electro down. Harry meanwhile decides to become a human test dummy for Richard Parker’s medicine, which turns him into the Green Goblin. He is now stronger, more powerful, and hungry for revenge. Spider-Man is about to be short-handed in this epic battle to save the city.



my thoughts: Oh boy, where to start… I’m going to just come out and say it, this movie sucked. Not that it sucked with special effects, Jaime Foxx, or Dane DeHaan, but it sucked with story telling, the build up to ending, and the ending itself just pissed me off. What makes this movie even worse is Garfield’s struggle to maintain his personal and professional lives on top of saving the city. The spark and chemistry of his relationship is gone, while his numerous attempts at being funny during the most inappropriate times doesn’t always come off like they are supposed to. Even though it has been a year or more since the last time we saw him in tights, there’s something totally different about Garfield that rubs off on the Spider-Man character and his actions in the story.

I wish I could vent more about the part that broke my heart and pissed me off beyond words can describe, but that would ruin a major part of the story and series. If you have already seen the movie you may know that the story does follow the comic book in many aspects, so you may understand what I’m saying without actually saying it. When the movie just ends, as a lead into the third movie in 2015, you will probably understand my frustration. If you are headed to the theatre to see it, enjoy it, but remember how great the first film was.

Most people want to see this movie based solely on Jaime Foxx’s character Electro which is fine, but he’s nothing special. The CGI is pretty cool even if he looks like Doctor Manhattan from the Watchman movie. His character turns evil after struggling with self-worth and an ongoing desire to be noticed by people, which draws the wrong kind of attention. His partner in crime Dane DeHaan’s Green Goblin, is a spoiled rich kid who doesn’t get what he wants so decides to throw away his life in order to take down his best friend who didn’t help him. Neither of them really understand that Spider-Man is half human and half spider which is an element both seem to have lost in their own transformations. Together with Gwen, Peter is about to out smart both of them because they are only focused on revenge and that opens them up to weaknesses.

Spider-Man may have these two super-human enemies to battle in this movie but this is only the tip of the iceberg. Harry has access to Oscorp’s best research labs and projects that he will find the most ruthless criminals to turn them into a super army to bring down Peter Parker and Spider-Man in the next installment of the series.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was not that amazing but still provided for an entertaining movie. Lots of people will love it for various reasons while others will consider it a let down from the first one. I personally don’t think it’s worth $18 but hey I know you already bought your tickets or that you already saw it so there’s not much more to say.

my star rating: 5 out 10 7.6 out 10 54% out 100%
metascore: 53/100


8 thoughts on “The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014)

  1. I get why others aren’t liking this one nearly as much as me, but still, I had fun. A lot more than I did with the first. Good review Ryan.

    1. Thanks Dan, this movie could have been so much better on many different levels, but it is what it is and like I said some will love it while others will hate it. Hopefully the rest of the highly anticipated movies of the summer don’t disappoint!

      1. I understand there is a reason behind the way the story played out but they were sooo perfect together. 😦

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