Neighbors (2014)


run time: 96 mins
rated: 18A
considered: Comedy
director: Nicholas Stoller
starring: Seth Rogan, Rose Bryne, Zac Efron, Dave Franco, Halston Sage, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Jerrod Carmichael, Craig Roberts, Ali Cobrin, Kira Sternbach, Ike Barinholtz, Caria Gallo

movie summary: In a quiet family friendly neighbourhood Mac and Kelly Radner are living every couples dream when they bring home a baby girl named Stella. They are happy couple who have settled down and moved past their party days, except smoking the occasional joint. Their lives are about to be turned upside when a college fraternity moves in next door.

Delta Psi President Teddy Sanders (Zac Efron) leads his group of misfits to the neighbourhood with one intention in mind, throw an epic party that will add them to their fraternity’s legendary history. It’s his senior year and he only gets one more chance to leave his mark. The fraternity has relocated to the neighbourhood after burning down their last frat house but this little incident won’t slow the guys down from achieving their goal.

Mac and Kelly agree to lay the law down early with the boys next door so head over to their house and offer a pack of joints as a peace-offering. Terry promises the boys will be good and invites the couple to come party anytime they want, as long as they promise to never call the cops should they have a noise complaint. Everyone is in agreement and the very next day Mac and Kelly come over for the first big party to get drunk and high off mushrooms. The next morning they vow never to get that messed up like that again and when the party kicks off later that night Mac attempts to call the cops anonymously which leads to chaos. Terry finds out that his new best friends betrayed him and promises war for breaking their promise.

Over the next few days the frat boys start messing with the Radner’s car, throwing all their empty beers cans and condoms on their lawn. Mac steps up his game by breaking the fraternity’s water pipes which floods their basement. The boys come up with a creative way to raise money for the repairs while spending the extra cash on beer kegs and fireworks.

The couple realize this could be a long costly war so offer to make amends with a bag of weed at their next party. Inside the couple employ their friends to set up a plan of attack. They convince Teddy’s girlfriend to sleep with his best friend Pete (David Franco) which leads to a confrontation inside the house and a fight outside. Things gets so out of hand that the BBQ is kicked around and injuries a person walking by the house. The cops show up and the fraternity is put on probation which means they can not throw the end year party. The Radners have appeared to have won the battle against the boys but the games haven’t stopped which has put a strain on their relationship and they break up.

In an attempt to put an end to their fraternity neighbors and save their relationship the Radners orchestrate a letter from the school informing the fraternity that they are no long on probation. Terry reads the letter and begins preparation for the biggest party ever thrown by a Delta Psi, except the neighbors are watching and waiting for the perfect to bring down the party and group for good.


my thoughts: I was really excited for Neighbors because it looked absolutely hilarious. I went to see an advance screening on Thursday and even though I laughed through out the movie I was somewhat disappointed. I just hoped it would be funnier. Don’t get me wrong this movie is funny start to finish but the sub plot about growing up and thinking about your future kinda creeps up and takes some of the fun out of it.

Zac Efron is the star of the movie based clearly on his looks and his sense of humour. He is shirtless for about 95% of the movie which will please the ladies who go see this but he doesn’t have great chemistry with Seth Rogan. Rogan is known to make some crazy comedy movies and you can add Neighbors to the list. Like the majority of his films, they are not great. That may be a bias comment but I’ve never seen Pineapple Express or Green Hornet because they look horrible. That kind of humour pleases a certain population while turning others away. Another character who appears a little bit out of place is Rose Bryne. She has played a variety of roles in her career and this definitely won’t rank high on that list. She uses her native accent but her jokes are not overly funny. If Rogan and Bryne were a real couple walking down the street, people would wonder how they were together because their chemistry is all over the place.

If you go into Neighbors with no expectations except to spit out your Coke from laughing so hard then you’d love this movie. Personally I was hoping for more humor then I got and wasn’t expecting a sub story to over shadow the mindless humour I was watching. I still consider Bad Words starring Jason Bateman as the best comedy of the year.

my star rating: 6 out 10 7.4 out 10 74% out 10
metascore: 68/100
allenscale: 8 out 10


2 thoughts on “Neighbors (2014)

  1. I laughed pretty hard, and pretty consistently with this. However, what really got me was the fact that it’s heart showed many of times, and actually felt real and barely ever tacked-on. Good review Ryan.

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