Wolfcop (2014)


run time: 79 mins
rated: 18A
considered: Comedy, Horror
director: Lowell Dean
starring: Leo Fafard, Amy Matysio, Jonathan Cherry, Sarah Lind, Aidan Devine, Jesse Moss, Corinne Conley, James Whittingham, Ryland Alexander, Laura Abramsen, Graham Bell, Victor Lam, Glenn LaPointe, Cheryl Mazil

movie notes: Most of you know I live in Canada where Cineplex is the country’s biggest movie theatre franchise. A couple of years ago Cineplex offered up $1 million dollars in a contest for people to submit movie scripts to them. The winning entry was Wolfcop, written by Bannister Bergen and Lowell Dean from Saskatchewan. The duo got their money and began filming outside of the Province’s biggest city Regina in 2013, when Wolfcop was complete it was distributed to a limited amount of theatres across the country on June 6, 2014.

movie summary: In a small remote town in southern Saskatchewan there is a sheriff’s department with three employees, the Chief (Aiden Devine), Tina (Amy Matysio) the best cop around who wins employee of the month every month, and then there’s Lou (Leo Fafard) the town drunk. He always has a drink in his hand whether he’s on patrol, at the station, or at the bar while on duty. Lou is famous for passing out stinking drunk and waking up in unusual places. One night when investigating a loud noise complaint in the woods, Lou is attacked and wakes up the next morning with a cult symbol carved into his chest.

He stumbles his way through the house when he gets a call that someone was found dead in the same woods Lou was searching the previous night. He gets really confused when he attempts to shave but the hair just grows right back so just gets dressed and drives to the scene. Along the way he begins to feel nauseous, not from being hung over but because he suddenly feels heightened senses like hearing, smell, and sight. He gets to the scene where Chief and Tina are busy at work, Lou begins to act funny and they question if it’s drunk or not. He’s famous for being late and never having a clue how to do real police work so when he begins to actually help out they question what’s wrong with him.

That night at the local bar, three guys try their best to attack Lou in the men’s washroom. He had gone in there around 10 pm because he was feeling sick, what he didn’t expect was to pop out of his skin into an ugly gruesome looking werewolf. He easily dismantled the guys before fleeing the scene into the woods where he is shot down by Willie (Jonathan Cherry). Willie tapes the whole thing for evidence that he was making a citizen’s arrest. The next morning Lou wakes up in his human form in Willie’s bed, Willie explains the events from the previous night while Lou has no memory of what happened in the bar or anywhere else. Tina tracks Lou down and tells him they have to do police work because three people were found dead at the bar. At the scene Lou offers to take the lead in the case and allow for Tina to go home. Willie shows up and agrees to help Lou piece everything together.

The pair spend the afternoon looking up werewolf stories and rituals. Lou decides it would be best for him to be locked up in a jail cell that night to prevent any further destruction, Willie video tapes the whole night so that have a record of what happens. Lou transforms to a wolf again at 10 pm, as the only cop on duty that night he gets restless sitting in the cell so breaks out and begins to take phone calls. He grabs his cop uniform and pulls the doors off his patrol car before driving off into the night to fight crime the old fashion way, by kicking ass.

Across town Jessica (Sarah Lind) has dolled herself up and is looking for Wolfcop to seduce him so she can drug him. She is part of the secret cult that kidnapped Lou in the first place and needs him back to drink his werewolf blood during the morning’s solar eclipse to preserve the life of the cult members. Willie turns on Wolfcop leaving him all alone to fight the cult members who want to hang him. Time is running out for everyone as dawn is coming and there’s only a few hours left before the eclipse.


my thoughts: There were a few people who told me about Wolfcop when it was being filmed and I thought it sounded extremely dumb and not worth watching. A friend of mine decided he wanted to go and have a good laugh so he bought us tickets this past Saturday night. To say this is by far one of the stupidest movies I’ve ever seen is an understatement, but I give credit to the writers and directors for creating a silly plot that spends the majority of the movie making fun of itself.

People love B-Level horror movies, the ones where the plot is recycled from a major horror franchise with lesser known actors/actresses, no real special effects, and little to no production money. These movies have always been located in the back of the video store (remember those) but recently have managed to find new life on Netflix. Instead of loading up on super awesome horror movies Netflix floods its vaults with some of the dumbest “horror” flicks it can find. Wolfcop would have been one of these glorified Netflix movies but because it was given contest money from a major movie theatre company, it was given a national release. This short movie has no reason for this superstar treatment, it could have made a trip to the independent theatre chains and would have succeeded there.

Wolfcop doesn’t give audiences a new story or any interesting characters, there’s the same old good cop, the crooked Chief, the beautiful bar owner, a weird best friend, and a guy who can turn into a wolf. People who venture out to pay full price to watch Wolfcop will just laugh at the story and how stupid it is played out. The best scene is when Wolfcop, yes Wolfcop, and Jessica finally hook up. Only in low-budget horror movies would a sex scene be that hilarious and not overly romantic. Once you get past all the stupidity you may actually appreciate the lack of special effects and CGI in the movie. It was filmed out the in the woods to give it a real rustic feel instead of everything being green screened like Hollywood blockbusters.

In a perfect world this movie, which also has a comic book and a sequel planned for 2015, would be a hit but I just couldn’t get behind what I was watching. I’d say stay away from this movie at all costs and wait to find it online someday. It only gets the rating I gave it because it is written, directed, and filmed in Canada which is rare given how successful American made movies are.

my star rating: 3 out 10

imdb.com: 7.5 out 10
rottentomatoes.com: 20% out 100%

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