Ouija (2014)


run time: 89 mins
rated: 14A
considered: Horror
director: Stiles White
starring: Olivia Cooke, Ana Coto, Daren Kagasoff, Bianca A. Santos, Douglas Smith, Shelley Henning, Sierra Heuermann, Sunny May Allison, Lin Shaye, Claudia Katx, Vivis Colombetti, Robyn Lively, Matthew Settle, Afra Sophia Tully, Claire Beale

movie summary: Debbie Galardi (Shelley Henning) and Laine Morris (Olivia Cooke) are best friends. They grew up together and plan to go to the same college together, that is until Debbie is found dead in her home. Laine goes through Debbie’s things to find an old Ouija board that looks similar to the one they used to play with as kids. Feeling hopeless that her best friend is gone, Laine decides to get her boyfriend Trevor (Daren Kagasoff), sister Sarah (Ana Coto), best friend Isabelle (Bianca A. Santos), and Debbie’s boyfriend Pete (Douglas Smith) to use the Ouija board.

The five of them meet at Debbie’s house while her mom is out-of-town. The plan is to try to contact Debbie on the other side to find out what happened that night. Everyone shrugs off the Ouija board off because it is not a real connection between the living and the dead. When strange sounds start to happen around the house while the group sits at the table, they start to question what is real and what is fake. A spirit from the other side manages to make contact which spooks the heck out of them. The spirit just replies with “Hi Friend” which Laine instantly believes is Debbie and when the power goes out in the house the five freak out and bail.

Convinced that Debbie can talk to her, Laine decides to play with the Ouija board alone. She is not aware that Trevor, Sarah, Isabelle, and Pete have all received a message carved or written somewhere that reads “Hi Friend”. They agree to meet again and use the Ouija board to contact Debbie only this time they come face to face with another girl who isn’t her. Strange things begin to happen and the house so the group leaves again and vows never to use the board again.

One by one everyone who used the Ouija starts to die. Laine learns that she has come into contact with an evil spirit that has the power to affect things in the real world and will not stop until they are all dead. She does some research with her sister and finds the living sister of the dead spirit. The girls learn of the horrible things that happened in Debbie’s house and that the only way to put an end to this problem is to call the spirit back into the real world and destroy the board. The only problem with calling the spirit out of the board is it may cost one of the girl’s their life.


my thoughts: I have a few things to say right off the top. The first is I don’t believe in Ouija boards and would never use one because I don’t know if they are real or not. Second thing is when people go looking for things in areas they shouldn’t, they always find trouble. The final thing is they seriously just don’t make horror movies like they used to, but amazingly I didn’t laugh at the stupidity in this movie. I did go into Ouija expecting to laugh as much as I did at Annabelle, the worse horror movie I’ve seen in 2014, but didn’t laugh at all. Instead of waiting for a laugh, there were a few moments where the hair on my arm would rise in anticipation of bad things to come.

Olivia Cooke makes her second horror movie appearance of the year, only this time she had a better story to tell than what she worked with in The Quiet Ones. The writers were able to work with the ancient tale of the Ouija board and turn into a full length feature film. Cooke steps into the lead role and is the gullible girl we all love to see survive but will  spend the majority of the movie yelling at to stop being stupid! She carries the story which focuses on a board that may or may not do these real things. Some people believe in ghosts and other laugh at such a silly thought, until these people have an actual have a life altering experience they will always be doubters. Bless Cooke’s heart because she lost her best friend and will stop at nothing until she gets the answers she wants, even if means her life.

The rest of the cast is rounded out by a bunch of no-name actors and actresses who have appeared in other works but nothing of significance. They all serve a purpose in the story and do their best to sell us the horrors of playing a game that turns deadly. No one really stands out from the other because the guys don’t believe and act tough while the girls play the stereotype sacred ones. Every sub par horror movies always assembles a cast of nobodies, people we can’t get invested in, which bodes well when the bodies count adds up.

my final thoughts: There is a lot of people out there who love horror movies whether they are good or bad. Ouija is not the worst movie of the year but also doesn’t rank up there as a really good one either. Some of you were dying to see this and left disappointed much like I did. If you haven’t seen this film yet save your $13.25 and go see it on a cheap day or wait for Netflix because you’re not missing anything you haven’t seen before by skipping it.

my star rating: 3 out 10

imdb: 4.5 out 10 
metascore: 38/100
rottentomatoes: 8% out 100%
rogerebert: 3 out 4


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