It Follows (2015)


release date: 10 April 2015 (Canada)
run time: 100 mins
rated: 14A
considered: Horror, Mystery
director: David Robert Mitchell
starring: Keir Gilchrist, Carollette Phillips, Loren Bass, Olivia Luccardi, Lili Sepe, Maika Monroe, Jake Weary, Daniel Zovatto, Charles Gertner, Bailey Spry, Debbie Williams, Ruby Harris, Linda Boston, Leisa Pulido, D.J. Oliver

movie summary: Sweet and innocent Jay Height (Maika Monroe) has a one night stand with this good-looking guy named Hugh (Daniel Zovatto). Little does she know that Hugh has a dark curse that he has just passed onto her. He does his best to explain it before ditching her and disappearing. The only thing Jay knows is that these supernatural dead people will follow her and should they touch her, she will die. The only way to pass this curse on is to sleep with someone else and give it to them. None of her friends believe this story, but when strange things begin to happen, Jay will have to run away even though no amount of distance will save her. 

my thoughts: This was by far one of the worst movies I’ve ever paid money for. Plain and simple this movie was beyond stupid. The only thing that was remotely enjoyable about this film was the music, which was a throwback to 1980s horror movies. I can safely say there was not a single second of this movie that scared me, even when the director used a variety of camera angles to make it appear fearful.

It Follows is like a soft core porno because the movie is all about having sex, to pass or destroy a really messed up supernatural curse. Don’t get me wrong, Maika Monroe is a very pretty actress but there’s no need for to go around sleeping with multiple guys to rid herself of this ridiculous curse. First she gets used, then she uses the guy next door, Greg (Daniel Zovatto), which only leads to trouble, because as fate would have it there’s a love triangle brewing! Of course one of her best friends and first kisses, Paul (Keir Gilchrist) is madly in love with her and is willing to accept the curse if it means he can finally sleep with her. How stupid is this guy?? You can tell he is an idiot because who on earth would want to see dead people chasing them just to score with your childhood crush. This story is just mind numbing stupid and their characters are even worse.

There are a bunch of other characters like Jay’s sister Kelly (Lili Sepe) and Yara (Olivia Luccardi) who all think that sleeping in the same room as Jay will protect her from things they can’t see. No matter what they attempt to do, it will be pointless since they don’t really believe Jay in the first place. There isn’t much character development for anyone in the story and even though everyone comes from a different background, it seems that none of their parents care about them at all. The story takes place over a few days and there is not one scene involving a parent or legal guardian. How can a bunch of teenagers just run out of class, drive out to the lake unannounced, fire hand guns, and break into abandoned buildings without any consequences?!? Things simply don’t add up in this movie and what is supposed to be thrilling or scary really isn’t.

Also, one final thing… they sure picked some ugly-looking naked people to be the supernatural “ghosts”. Poor decision-making everywhere you turn with this movie.


my final thoughts: Avoid this movie at all costs. Who cares if it has a 95% rating on Rotten Tomatoes or is ranked as high as 7.6 on IMDb. This movie is not worth any price of admission or the monthly subscription fee on Netflix. This ranks as one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen. I’d rather watch Inherent Vice or The Box again and those two rank as the worse movies I’ve ever seen.

my star rating: 1 out 10 (only because I can’t go any lower)

imdb: 7.6 out 10 
metascore: 83/100 
rottentomatoes: 95% out 100% 
roger ebert: 3.5 out 4
richard crouse: 4 out 5

8 thoughts on “It Follows (2015)

  1. I’d hate to say it, but I think you’re in the minority with this … I personally loved the film, reminded me of an eerie dream … But each to his own I guess!

    1. I’m used to being in the minority…remember I’m the guy who loves Twilight! ha ha I seriously went into It Follows hoping I could tell everyone how amazing this movie was and half way through I was debating taking out my phone and checking on emails and texts. I just thought it was so stupid. It was just not for me.

  2. So interesting to read this review, as everything else I’ve read on It Follows has been overwhelmingly positive. I’m so curious now that I’ll have to watch it, but if it turns out you’re right and I should have avoided it at all costs, I’ll come back and tell you that you’re a genius Ryan.

    1. I appreciate the “genius” comment, but you’ve read my writing, I’m far from that kind of status! ha ha. Like I just said in my other comment, I was so excited and thought this was going to be the one horror movie I would finally like. Sadly the opposite happened. You ever watch the movie Housebound? That was another one that got a lot of praise, I checked it out and was like you’ve got to be kidding me. So when you come back to tell me you loved It Follows and that I’m an idiot, I hope we can still be friends! 😛

      1. I have a complicated relationship with the horror genre myself, in that I think the standards are generally set quite low, and as such weak films are created more often than strong. So it’s a distinct possibility that I might end up agreeing with you. Even though you like Twilight. ;P

        Time will tell, I guess! And yes of course, we’ll still be friends! 😀

    1. Oh come on!!! You don’t want to watch teenagers having clothed sex to pass on a stupid curse that attracts weirdos to follow them around?!? This seem like this would be Oscar worthy according to your ratings! ha ha ha.

  3. I cannot agree more. The only thing I liked was the music, which reminded me of movies made in the 80’s . I also felt the plot had too many holes/unexplained things. I was tricked by all the hype sorrounding the movie but ultimately, I was bitterly disappointed.

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