Ted 2 (2015)

What did I like?

I absolutely loved the offensive jokes, the hiliarious one liners, bad comebacks, and the fact I will never think of Google the same way ever again.

What didn’t I like?

The opening title sequence, it dragged on forever. The library scene would also not make the highlight reel.

Was Ted 2 a good story?

Compared to the first Ted, which was about best friends never growiing up or moving on from each other, Ted 2 provides a much stronger storyline.

Notable Performances?

Ted steals almost every scene he’s in, but Mark Whalberg holds his own with his spot on comedic timing.

Would I recommend it?

Yes. I would recommend Ted 2 to anyone who loves Family Guy, offensive humour, and stories about Thunder Buddies going on an epic journey with many hilairous pop culture references.


my star rating: 9 out 10

imdb: 6.6 out 10 / metascore: 52/100 / rottentomatoes: 58% out 100%

roger ebert: 3 out 4 / richard crouse: 2 out 5

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