Argumentative August #7 – Inherit the Wind (1960)

30 Years On: 1984 a Great Year for Movies

courtroomAs a bonus for this site, I have included my post for the Argumentative August Blogathon. This movie is more than Thirty years On, so it qualifies on a technicality. Your objections are over-ruled.


The blogathon that we are participating in here, is designed to focus on films in which a courtroom battle is featured and argument is the main source of drama. I know a little bit about films, a little bit about argument and a little bit about “Inherit the Wind”. I hope that such a background will reassure you that I am not troubling my own house for no purpose. My purpose is to bring attention to a fifty-five year old film that is based on an ninety year old case that will prove that in nearly a hundred years, we as a culture are still capable of being riled up by events that we see as…

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