Sausage Party (2016)


Sausage Party was terrible. I can’t sugar coat my feelings, what I sat through was absolute trash. The characters were stupid, the F word was the only word everyone spoke, and the “bad guy” was completely pointless. How this movie ever got made or approval is beyond me. There’s not much to laugh about and the ending…well there are no words to describe what you will witness on the screen. This movie is NOT for kids.


5 thoughts on “Sausage Party (2016)

  1. ‘The characters were stupid, the F word was the only word everyone spoke, and the “bad guy” was completely pointless.’

    Actually the characters weren’t stupid, I think you simply misunderstood them. There is some substantial character development in this motion picture, among a few of the lead characters. And there are more words than the “F” word, however I can understand if you are offended by vulgar language, it’s not for everyone.

    This movie is crude and insensitive, and I would definitely not recommend it to someone who is religious, however if you are familiar with Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg’s former films, then you are fully aware of the offensive nature these movies reside in.

    I fully disagree with your critique of the film.

  2. Absolutely hated this film. It’s not to say whether you’re familiar with Seth Rogan style comedy or not. It simply wasn’t funny, using the same crude humour jokes without any kind of variation. All the best jokes were in the trailers.

    1. I read somewhere that it took Seth almost ten years to put the film together. That explains a lot because who in their right mind would want to back this. This film is two hours of our lives we can never get back.

      1. I think Sausage Party would have worked if it was shorter, like a 30 minute special. It didn’t have a plot to sustain and justify the runtime it had. The longer the film went on, the more pain the film induced.

      2. The ending, as gross as it was, ended up being the only part I laughed at. I can’t remember if I was tired at the point, or was laughing because I couldn’t believe what I was witnessing. I totally agree, this could have been a Netflix Original Special, which would have allowed so many people to decide whether or not to invest the time without breaking into their wallets.

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