Terminator Genisys (2015)

It is a sad that studios continue to kick at dead horses hoping they come back to life. The only highlight of the latest Terminator film was Emilia Clarke’s acting and the time jumping sequences. Arnold is getting too old to play the same character again and again. CGI can only cover up his inabilities for so long before everything is exposed and we get another bomb on our hands.


7 thoughts on “Terminator Genisys (2015)

    1. All I remembered after watching this was that Emilia Clarke was the girl in Game of Thrones and I finally started watching that show. I also felt I hadn’t missed much after Judgement Day, the last Terminator film I’ve seen.

      1. I liked the 3rd film, Rise of the Machines, but not at first. Now I think it’s fantastic, but I’m in the minority. It’s the beginning of ‘The War’ between man and machine and I think the concept is really good and the ‘early’ war machines are cool to watch. Most of the good stuff that makes it different than the other films is in the last half hour.

      2. That’s not the one with Christian Bale right? I think when I ever get around to watching that all I’ll think about is his shouting match with that light guy. ha ha I really like the second one, probably because it’s a film I watched as a kid, and never been a huge fan of the first one. I think because I dislike the early 80’s feel of it that I can’t enjoy it. I’m only missing Rise and Salvation so I should get around to them and finish the Terminator reviews on the blog!

  1. While I do like Emilia Clarke (I mean…who wouldn’t), but she was too “youthful” looking for this role that she looked out of place (as if she belonged in a The Hunger Games or Divergent movies).

    1. I actually never thought of it that way, but to be fair this movie had so many time jump sequences I sometimes wondered where we were in the story. A youthful Sarah Connor works in that regard, because we find ourselves in different times, but you’re probably right it doesn’t work overall.

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