9/11 (2002)

There has never been a documentary quite like this one. No one in the history of humanity could ever say they experienced such an event, from the position they did, survive, and happen to catch it all on film. I try to watch this every September to remember the heroes and how that day forever changed the way we live. This film won’t be for everyone, since it is raw footage of panic and chaos, but will be an honest account of everything that happened.


2 thoughts on “9/11 (2002)

  1. Its good to remember. I watch these documentaries in awe of the devastation. They used our freedom and openness against us. I think I’ve seen this doc on TV but can’t be sure. The one thing I’m glad about is that we finally got Bin Laden (10 years later). It sends a strong message to terrorists that if you harm our citizens the US will hunt you down for justice no matter how long it takes.

    1. My girlfriend had never seen this documentary until we watched it that day. She spent a good portion of the time in tears because she had no clue this footage was recorded. I always watch this because it shows us that no one really had a clue what to expect or do in the chaos, yet they did their best to save as many as they can. This is one of the best ways to remember the firefighters and other heroes from that day.

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