United 93 (2006)

It is extremely difficult to retell a story about heroic events when the only material you have to work with is phone conversations and an airplane black box. There is only so much action you can have on a plane, without Liam Neeson, so the planning and strategy talk is ultimately all the action you are gonna get. This film continues the trend of showcasing how confusing things got and how much communication/miscommunication factored into the events of that fateful day.


2 thoughts on “United 93 (2006)

  1. The beginning of this movie as it shows the events in the towers was very interesting. Like you said, shows how confusing and uncontrollable some of those events were.

    1. My girlfriend really didn’t understand how chaotic things were that morning until I showed her a bunch of these movies that really hit home the part that not a single person knew what was actually going on. These movies really provide a different perspective into the events of that day.

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