Blair Witch (2016)


It’s been 17 years since the original and they had plenty of time to think of new ways to scare, yet didn’t. It has a solid link to the first story line but is so cliché it almost hurts your feelings they couldn’t come up with something else. Even with the advances of technology, this film reminds you that the woods is a very dark place where terrible things can happen. I left the theatre wondering what could have been.


6 thoughts on “Blair Witch (2016)

  1. I’m very saddened that you feel this way. I seen this movie last night and I personally thought it honored the original film perfectly. I found the thoughts continued on speculations from the original and almost added more questions for you in a good way that you kept pondering the movie when you left the theatre. I thought the psychological aspect of this movie was amazing and it almost toys with you a bit. Definitely a great film in my opinion!

    1. Well unfortunately this time I can not agree with your point of view. What new questions do you have?
      The psychological aspect of the movie made no sense (in regards to the story) and wasn’t as confusing as it was suppose to be. They realied on technology which didn’t work, stress set in, and everyone second guessed each other which then led to everything falling apart. It may be a nice tie in to the the original film, but just wasn’t the same. Everyone knew exactly what was gonna happen here so there was no real build up of suspense leading to the ending, which turned out way too predictable and cliche. I’d love to hear what else you got to say! 🙂

      1. I don’t want to include any spoliers but the addition to the folktale about the man with the children in the house and the “attic” theory was neat. Also how there was a time-loop added, which was very clever and made the storyline interesting. Also the clever foreshadows that were explained during the end were also very well thought out and cleverly placed in the film. I believe my favorite addition was the time loop because that is terrifying and makes you feel completely hopeless and helpless, and once you discovered you were caught it in, there was no way out. Honestly, this was by far one of my favorite recent horror movies to date. I was so pleased and may very well go and see it again. I thought the use of technology for “preparation” was also cool because it gave us a sense that they’d be okay, but also as we all know technology can severely fail us so it’s almost like you’re doomed regardless. Plus….. it’s those woods.
        I can admit the couple who joined them were “cliche” BUT were comedic relief, and I enjoyed talia.. but you must admit, it was neat what they did and gave you a weird suspicion about the authenticity of the woods.

        That’s just my two cents worth!

      2. Well since we don’t have pennies here anymore in Canada, that had to be at least five cents worth ha ha
        You bring up valid points and I guess maybe I just went into it without thinking much about the actual storytelling. My mind focused on the same repetitive story with the cliche problems that arise in almost every other horror/thriller movie. I could agree with you on a fraction of things you said but still view the movie as a bust. The great thing about watching movies is we all take away different things from the perspective we see it happen. Which also is the whole point of making movies. We get to see what the director sees and wants us to see. You always leave fun comments to reply to, whether I agree or disagree! Ha ha

      3. Hahaha it’s what happens when you’re super passionate about movies and are in the audio/video industry pursuing them ;p

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