Criminal (2016)

I’m not entirely sure who signed onto this project and for how much money, but they had to be desperate. There was nothing new presented in Criminal we haven’t seen before, especially when someone tries to plant someone’s mind into a new body. The story and bad acting by some big names couldn’t do anything to save this movie that should have gone straight to Netflix.

5 thoughts on “Criminal (2016)

  1. I actually enjoyed this one a lot 🙂 and would give it an 8/10. yes, the general idea is not original, but I liked the way they did it. It was also the idea of what is the essence of a person, his mind, his body or his memories that appealed to me

    1. I see your point and respect it. There is such a fine line when it comes to this kind of material and to make a decent story out of it is really tough. The acting was very subpar from a decent cast, so that just made me enjoy it less. Have you seen Self/Less? I reviewed it a little while ago and was so much better then this one!

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