Man of Steel (2013)

Superman came back in an enormous way in 2013. Man of Steel may be hands down the best Superman picture to date, with no offense to the original four. Times and special effects have changed which allowed DC to do things they could only have wished for back in the 1980s. Henry Cavill was a fantastic choice to play the man of steel thanks to his rugged appearance, while Amy Adams is great as Lois Lane. The bad guys and Clark Kent’s human story really mesh well together creating a very entertaining movie going experience.

2 thoughts on “Man of Steel (2013)

    1. The film starred so many people I love in the industry so that totally affected how I saw the film. I also pointed out the special effects were the best of the whole series which entertained me. I’m no stranger to loving things that everyone hates…like Twilight! 😉

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