Sucker Punch (2011)

Sucker Punch may not rank up there with some of the best fantasy movies of all-time, even though it deserves credit for being an alternate reality visual masterpiece. Our lead character just closes her eyes and we are whisked away to worlds filled with fire-breathing dragons, giant ninjas, and the bloody trenches of World War II. The best aspect of this film, besides mind-blowing fight scenes, is the talent of the cast which gets better with each passing adventure.


3 thoughts on “Sucker Punch (2011)

    1. You know I had never ever once thought of it that way, you bring up a valid point. I’m still a sucker for all those action sequences though because who ever came up with them is really creative. We can agree that the soundtrack is badass.

  1. I love Sucker Punch. One of my favourite movies of all time. For those who want to see it, SP is a deep psychological movie. It is one of the most symbolically rich movies I have ever seen which coincides with my view on life. But that is related to my own perception and experience in life. But many do not agree and I do not criticise their view, which is no less valid than mine. After all their experience in life is different. It appears SP is as shallow or deep as you want it to be.

    I feel that Sucker Punch is a unique movie. I have watched it several times. And I will watch it countless more.

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