Patriots Day (2016)

I am not from Boston, but close enough that I’ve visited there so many times through out my life. My uncle lives there, I’ve done a lot of fun stuff there as a kid, and Patriots Day gave me one of the deepest personal connections I’ve ever had with a movie. I got choked up, I cried, and I got angry that such an event happened to so many innocent people, while ruining one of the city’s time-honoured traditions. This movie is not perfect, there’s a lot of extra baggage here that really doesn’t need to be in this story, yet if anyone lived through these events, there is an eerie feeling about everything that needed to be told. Patriots Day is about survivors and heroes, those who risked their lives to stop two insane boys who had the ability to stop the world for a couple of days with their visions of destroying the freedom of ordinary people.

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