Silence (2016)

There’s a lot to like about Silence and the life-altering performances of Andrew Garfield and Adam Driver, but there was no need for this movie to be 2:41 long. One quick decision at the beginning could have saved a lot of lives and us a lot of time. Amazingly I didn’t lose interest in the story which is very slow-paced and heavy on religion. Ultimately this film reminds us the world is/was a radical place, where your religious affiliation could cost you your life. I didn’t think this film was as great as everyone is making it out to be.

2 thoughts on “Silence (2016)

  1. I wrote the first published review of this one in the SF Examiner! I agree about the time for sure, and I was also shocked I didn’t lose interest. That’s Scorsese for you! He can turn something so slow into something you can’t take your eyes off of haha.

  2. This is a complex film and at the same time very simple: arrogant religious colonialism is responsible for untold misery through the ages. You are right that it is long and uneven, but these issues pale against the monumental story it tells.

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