You’ve Got Mail (1998)

Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan share an undeniable connection on-screen. Whether they are lovers from across the country or business rivals who hate each other, people flock to see these two in action. Online dating got a huge boost from You’ve Got Mail, which really helped pioneer the concept in the late 1990s. This story is filled with funny moments and great characters, giving you two completely different perspectives on falling in love with a complete stranger. Some may consider this film to be corny and predictable, but the charm of Hanks and Ryan together really bring this story to life.

2 thoughts on “You’ve Got Mail (1998)

    1. I often find that people love Sleepless in Seattle as the best Hanks/Ryan movie, but I love You’ve Got Mail. The story came out at the perfect time when the internet was just starting to boom and online dating/chat rooms was just starting and introducing us to a whole new way of life. Their performances are in my top 10 for romantic couples because their chemistry is undeniable.

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