Fist Fight (2017)

Stories bring movies to life. Usually these stories have meaning and provide movie goers with something of substance. People mock Fifty Shades for being boring, but Fist Fight was so pointless I honestly don’t have any words to describe the nonsense. Ice Cube has made some of the dumbest movies I’ve ever seen and I’ve always thought Charlie Day brought down the whole gang in Horrible Bosses. The senior pranks got me to chuckle a bit, but if the whole point of this fight was meant to save public education, then there is something terribly wrong in the U.S. because this movie and subject matter were not funny at all.

One thought on “Fist Fight (2017)

  1. Wow….I mean it thought some parts of the movie were funny. This is the lowest score rating I’ve seeing for this movie. You apparently must of hated Fist Fight a lot….haha.

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