Bitter Harvest (2017)

Bitter Harvest is about one of the darkest periods in Ukraine’s history, while boosting how superior the Soviet Union thought it was to its bordering neighbors. Like most movies of this nature, this story really only focuses on one particulars town struggles which seem to highlight all the struggles as a whole. The movie hardly does the truth justice, but tries to tell tales about survival when there was really no hope at all. These events of the early 1900’s could really be compared to that of the Holocaust, which Bitter Harvest does its job of introducing us to them but not much else.

3 thoughts on “Bitter Harvest (2017)

  1. I agree totally with your conclusions. This is an important film that should be seen by anyone interested in world history and politics. As cinema, it is beautifully filmed but poorly acted and poorly directed. A mediocre love story has been allowed to obscure an atrocity against humanity.That is a great shame as more people could learn about this episode of history if the film showed more respect for its subject matter.

    1. I actually never knew anything about these events until this movie got released. Like you mentioned the overall story lacked any significant impact in regards to the actual events and these characters didn’t do enough to justify what they were really experiencing. At least the studios gets recognized for bringing this particular moment in history to life, although this probably wasn’t the best way to do so.

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