The Circle (2017)

The Circle gets two stars because it stars Tom Hanks and Emma Watson. I bet no one could imagine how much more terrible this movie would be without these two, which isn’t saying much given how bad their acting actually is in these roles. We should all be aware by now that there are bits and pieces of The Circle in our lives already, which makes the realism of this story kinda scary. Enough though the acting is bad and a lot of the dialogue is delivered in awkward manners, the only thing The Circle achieves here is to warn the world of how crazy things could actually get.

3 thoughts on “The Circle (2017)

  1. For me, Emma was one of the reasons this was so terrible. I’d give the 2nd star to Karen Gillan. lol

  2. IMO the masses are being overly harsh with this film. It has obvious flaws and its understandable that the masses hate being mocked for their sheep-like dependence on digital technology. It has strong Orwellian allusions and its warnings are entirely accurate in the current world of news manipulation. I stayed engaged right up to its floppy finale, but its warnings are deadly accurate.

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