Beverly Hills Cop II (1987)

Alex Foley returns in Beverly Hills Cop II, the pinnacle of a once promising franchise. My opinion may be a little bias, since I’ve been watching this particular movie since I was kid, but it is seriously so good. The jokes and craziness is non-stop, in a film that has a much looser plot about gun trafficking. Our heroes from the first film return and are up to no good (with good intentions) as Axel tries to show them how to solve crimes by tricks he used on the streets. The bad guys are involved in some deep stuff and don’t hold back on the bloodshed, which always keep the story interesting. Even after the crime is solved and the codes are broken, the story becomes a race against time to catch them.

2 thoughts on “Beverly Hills Cop II (1987)

  1. I dislike this one compared to the 1st. I think the plot too itself too seriously, whereas the 1st was a simple but satisfying revenge story.

    I’m betting it’s still better than three, however, which I have yet to see.

    1. If you like the first two then the third one will disappoint you. The plot for that one is all about revenge, but doesn’t take itself serious at all, it’s like the writers threw it together over night. I guess I just love the second one because of how silly it is, lots of funny scenes.

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