The Mummy (2017)

Let’s just be honest and say if this wasn’t called a “reboot” of The Mummy franchise, a whole lot more people would have enjoyed this film. If this had been a stand alone movie, it could have been much more enjoyable. Instead the writers tried to do too much with just a little time and force feed us several main characters for future stories. This move can’t help but make you wonder how bad these new character will be in their own movies. Many people disliked the fact Tom Cruise is the lead, considering the movie focuses more him then the actually mummy, which in turn will make people want to avoid the next installment. The other part that didn’t make any sense and really didn’t need to be included into the story, was the best friend who was dead. At the end of the day though, a great debate can rage on as to who was more important to save, the mummy herself or the love interest who double crosses our hero.

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