Notting Hill (1999)

People love to hate Hugh Grant, but even the haters have to admit he can be pretty charming in movie roles. The best part of Notting Hill is really Hugh Grant, who plays such a lovable loser that you can’t help yourself but wish he can win over his celebrity “girlfriend”. The movie is set in London and doesn’t hold back on the stereo types of the British people. There are crazy family members and roommates, which add so many funny layers to the story. Miscommunication is a big part of the story, which is believable, given the social class differences of our two leads. Julia Roberts plays an American Sweetheart kind of character that is so down to earth, you want her to have a normal life with the guy who treats her like a lady and not a celebrity. This film may not be either one of their best romantic comedies, but this would be one of their better ones.

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