Rough Night (2017)

Rough Night was so bad that I spent the majority of the movie thinking about what other horrible movies I’d rather watch again. I’ll always wonder why Scarlett Johansson would sign to such a project, considering the lack of chemistry between all the leading ladies. Screaming, terrible accents, and stupid decisions don’t save this story from being one of the year’s worse comedies. Even when we get a plot twist involving the strippers, you can’t help but shake your head because the twist does nothing to help the story! A lot of people, including myself, love vulgar jokes but sometimes they just don’t click and despite being the heart of the comedy, doesn’t save it. The side story about the distraught fiancée is a little bit over the top, which really dumb down the whole entire story. I know people will flock out to see this in theatres when in reality you should save yourself from a rough night out and watch this really bad movie on Netflix.

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