The Book of Henry (2017)

At first glance The Book of Henry is about a boy, his illness, and his family. You would never imagine that there are so many different layers to the characters, that their personalities and actions can bring you to tears a few times over. I didn’t cry, but the girlfriend couldn’t stop since the subject material is heart breaking. These sorrows are brought to life by some pretty great performances from Jaeden Lieberher, Naomi Watts, and even Jacob Tremblay. The main reason I can’t give this film a higher rating is because I wanted the ending to go down a different path. We were presented with an option, an opportunity to make everything right, but instead we were taken down the easy path (which was probably was the right call). Watts’ character transformation is probably the biggest thing that happened in the movie, because if it wasn’t for her son Henry who knows how life could have turned out for everyone. Films of this nature often get a limited release. Given how good it was, kinda sad to know many people are missing out on one boys determination to leave the world a better place after he is gone. 

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