Rocky III (1982)

Rocky III is the first weakest entry into the boxing icon’s franchise. Despite amazing training and sparring sessions, the third film turns the boxers and their profession into a side-show gimmick. Wrestling was only beginning to get main stream attention at this point of the 1980s, so naturally the decade’s biggest star (Hulk Hogan) comes into the movie to set off a chain of events that makes Rocky look weak. His personal life may be at an all-time high, but after the death of his mentor, Rocky personal and professional life spiral out of control. The reason why this film gets such high marks from me is because the friendship of Rocky and Apollo Creed. The former champ has been there and done that, so these two put differences aside to train together in some of the best work out scenes of the series. Rocky will forever be linked with Gonna Fly Now and the epic Eye of the Tiger. Watching the franchises’ two biggest stars run together and train together with the determination of a tiger, finally gives Rocky the tools he needs to be successful in one of most important redemption matches of his career.

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