Rocky IV (1985)

Rocky IV is by far the most gripping and action packed film of the entire series, that takes us to the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. For the second straight movie an important character dies, thus forcing Rocky to reevaluate everything once again. The reason is this film is so bad ass is because Rocky trains like never before, in places you would never find a world champion training. Instead of making matches based on the world championship, these spirited bouts are about pride, patriotism, and revenge. The fire and passion burn bright in this movie thanks to some great writing, complimented by the franchise’s best soundtrack. At the tail end of a very intense Cold War, these film makers capitalized on the fears and emotions of people from the United States and the Soviet Union. As each country poured unlimited resources into everything they did to one up the other country, Rocky will go toe to toe with mighty Ivan Drago in attempt to turn the tide of the boxing world back to the red, white, and blue. This iconic poster for this movie tells you pretty much all you need to know about the raw emotion you will experience when you watch Rocky IV.

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