Rocky V (1990)

Rocky V ended a franchise, as well as the career of one of boxing’s greatest icons. This movie could be used a documentary for what it teaches us about the long-term effects of blows to the head, and how trusting the wrong people with investments can cost you everything. Also this story would be the perfect example of bad parenting. Rocky is forced to retire with no money, which causes way too many problems at home. Instead of dealing with these problems, he decides to use his expertise and train a money hungry new guy who just screws him over in the end. Rocky always finds himself in conflicts and this finale is no different. Most of the people I know actually dislike this movie because it is so different to all the previous films. Rocky doesn’t always have to win, he doesn’t always need to be loaded with cash, but he’s always had heart. Whether you think he actually still has one and that he puts it to good use, will be up to decide if you ever watch this film.

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