Rocky Balboa (2006)

Sometimes people make movies to cash in on the money, it is really that simple. Rocky had been “retired” for almost twenty years, but thanks to modern technology was dragged out to the ring one more time. We didn’t need another Rocky movie, but we got one, and even though our main character is in his sixties, he delivers one of his most passionate performances. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Rocky has and will always be about heart. Just when everyone gets down on him, he guts out another battle with someone younger than his own son. The old man can move and as unrealistic as this story can be, holds his ground to the best of ability. I feel this chapter was the end we all deserved many decades ago. A lot of people will probably remember Rocky’s talk with his son about life and true all his words are. At this point in movie history, Rocky should be done because has nothing left to prove, no one left to impress, and finally deserves to live out his retirement in a happy, peaceful place.

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