Despicable Me 3 (2017)

Alright, so Despicable Me 3 was not as terrible as I expected it to be. The film and the characters may be as dumb as I thought, but the three little girls really won me over in this one. Thankfully the Minions don’t have a lot of screen time which was a blessing for someone who absolutely hates them. It was tough to sit through an entire movie where Steve Carell plays the two main characters, but this twin brother story was one creative way to make another sequel, get our money, and set up a fourth film. The bad guy,¬†Balthazar Bratt, came with a unique back story, jammed packed with the cheesy 1980’s music that should please the parents who get dragged to this. In the end though, there could be worse ways to spend 1:30 of our lives, but the kids will laugh and the parents may roll their eyes, as this big money-making machine rolls on.

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