Spider-Man Homecoming (2017)

I was one of the very few people on the globe who wasn’t overly excited for the new Spider-Man movie, his first since a return to Marvel. Andrew Garfield’s time was cut way too short in the suit and after given terrible material to work with in the Amazing Spider-Man 2, I can see why that particular movie bombed and they cut any web ties to him. Now Tom Holland stepped in and with his young age, fit perfectly into this high school themed movie that is filled with just about as much drama as action. There are two factors that won me over and made me feel like it deserved a high score, one was Iron Man. He is the ultimate Avenger and without his successful movies, there would be no Marvel Universe or Spider-Man homecoming. He fit the part of mentor perfectly and his appearances really allow Holland’s character to gain experience, while learning the rights and wrongs of bad situations. The second thing is this movie is entertaining. A lot of laugh out moments come at the expense of Spider-Man who has a whole bunch of new tools but zero clue how to use them. We all know by now Stan Lee is in every Marvel movie, so his cameo in this one had me bursting out laughing. I personally feel it is one of his best ones yet. Speaking of major names in the film, Michael Keaton who was once the Batman then help find McDonald’s, returns to a character quite similar to one that won him an Oscar just a few years ago. Tell me I am not the only one who thought long and hard about him playing a character who flies around like a bird, after he just tried to escape a bird character in Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance). Personal feelings aside, Keaton delivers another award-winning performance as a ruthless guy just trying to expose the flawed systems of the world to make a few bucks. His abilities as an actor are on full display here as he goes from screen to screen growing more angry with every passing hiccup. Like most superhero movies today, everything is about CGI. Writers will once again defy the laws of physics and gravity to give you a realistic yet somewhat unrealistic entertaining superhero movie. It would be hard to really knock this movie without getting pelted with stones or tied up with spider webs, so I’ll remind you of what you already know: Spider-Man Homecoming is worth the price of admission.

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