Troy (2004)

War is not for the faint of heart. In one of the most gruesome battles of Ancient Greece, Troy (the film) doesn’t hold back on the violence as two countries go to war over power and greed. Whether you like this movie for love or war, there is an all-star cast lead by Brad Pitt and Eric Bana who will give everything they got to survive the blood bath and win the war for their country. The film does a fantastic job highlighting crazy military tactics that were used to such brilliance, in a time way before technology was a major part of battle. To be completely honest I barely remembered any of this story from high school or college, which had me guessing what was gonna work and who was gonna survive right up until the very end. Even though the movie is three hours long, it literally breezes by the politics and focuses heavy on the major players, brutality, and the drama.

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