Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief (2010)

The Percy Jackson series was one I avoided for fear it would be childish and not be entertaining enough to keep me interested. After learning that demigods live amongst us, with special powers beyond our wildest imaginations, I found out that even the Gods are without conflict and humans play a huge part in their ongoing power struggles. If you look up the list of who is in the movie, Sean Bean, Uma Thurman, Steve Coolidge, Pierce Bronson, and Rosario Dawson, you’d be surprised to see them be some of the most famous and powerful Gods with out of this world transforming powers. I felt this film was a good introduction into a magical world much like Harry Potter’s, but could have been more in terms of storytelling and action sequences. If you are unfamiliar with all the Greek Gods and their powers, you may be a little confused on who does what and why. Zeus and Poseidon are really important parts of the story, which is all about Percy Jackson coming to terms with his true reality, but don’t get enough attention to make this story even more important. There’s really no sense in urgency in the film which I wish it had more of.

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