Dunkirk (2017)

Dunkirk can be nominated for every award given on this planet, but in my honest opinion doesn’t deserve to win a single one of them. I’d be okay with this film walking away with sound editing and cinematography trophies, as long as it didn’t win best director, editing, writing, or best picture. This film is so confusing I wonder what the whole point really was? Who are the heroes here? What countries are attacking? Which countries need saving? Why are thousands of soldiers lined up in every scene, to be easy targets for airplanes? What was the real significance of this battle? Did any of this actually happened?  I will never watch this movie again, but I think I will spend the rest of my life wondering why Christopher Nolan decided to take on this project and shoot it in the fashion he did. There’s three intersecting stories, all revolving around the rescue at Dunkirk, which really complicate a rather simple movie. One scene it’s day time, the next it’s nighttime. This guy got rescued here, but 20 minutes later he is somewhere else. There is hardly any continuance in the story which makes it rather hard to follow or get invested in. I really stopped caring about the outcome after I realized everything was sliced and diced together and called a film. I hate to bring down even more hate for this movie, but for anyone who dare compare this film to Saving Private Ryan is delusional. The subject matter, the drama, and the action are nowhere near the same level as that Oscar winner and torch-bearer for war movies. There are holy grails in every genre and people are already considering this one the finest war movies ever made, even though it ultimately lacks heart and soul. If we skipped over the lack of emotions, I could point out there’s hardly any dialogue in the entire movie! I don’t need blood, guts, and bullets to keep me entertained, but if want me to watch sinking boats in the water and stranded muted soldiers on the beach, I’d rather just watch Battleship. In the end though, if you venture out to Dunkirk my advice is bring some ear plugs and don’t eat anything before or during the film because you are probably gonna get motion sickness…and don’t forget to bring a life jacket.

3 thoughts on “Dunkirk (2017)

  1. I liked the film much better than you did, but I have to say that your points are completely valid. I think it’s an extremely well crafted movie…that’s nothing more than Oscar bait.

  2. I thought this movie was very one-sided since the only reason the British made it out of Dunkirk was because the French were holding back the Germans. No credit was given to the French in this movie and we don’t get to see their struggle or how the Germans are closing in. It made for a very anticlimatic movie in my opinion.

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