Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters (2013)

Percy Jackson is back, to defend the world against the bad things that happen amongst the Gods. Sea of Monsters is a reminder to film series everywhere that sequels can sometimes ruin a franchise. This film was exactly what I feared from actually watching the Percy Jackson movies, and that was a really silly storyline filled with some lame CGI special effects. I liked that there was more purpose in this sequel, but the introduction of several key characters went completely under utilized which left me with more questions than answers. Here the major plot twists were revealed to be Zeus has a daughter and Percy has a brother. These angles may have sounded great on paper, yet when it played out on the screen, they were a disaster in my opinion. One character was creepy and awkward, while the other wasn’t on-screen long enough to have any real impact on the story. Throw in the really terrible and pointless¬†Kronos, who is in the entire movie for like five minutes, I can see why there isn’t a third instalment. From what I understand everyone is now too old to return to the series. This just means someday someone will be able to revive this book series on the big screen and give it the proper treatment it may actually deserve. Until then, brace yourself for a decent introduction film followed by this terrible sequel.

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