Girls Trip (2017)

The critics love Girls Trip, audiences love Girls Trip, I see why they all love it, but I wasn’t the biggest fan of this raunchy over the top comedy. I don’t remember exactly when it started, whether it was in fact the Hangover, or something else I can’t think of, but buddy comedies seem to be the only way to make successful comedies these days. Slap together a bunch of people who are “best friends”, send them on a trip, and watch the disaster unfold. Girls Trip takes a unique approach to an all girls weekend, since the star Ryan (Regina Hall) is in New Orleans for a conference with a life altering opportunity waiting. She has it all, life is perfect, her career is perfect, and her marriage is perfect. All these things summed up equal a whole bunch of kindling for a massive bon fire. I thought all the actresses in the film really didn’t mesh well, given their backgrounds, even though they find themselves bonding again after surviving some very awkward situations. There is a lot of funny moments, just my expectations were a little bit higher from friends and critics reviews. The only real parts that had me chuckling were all the sex jokes that came from Dina (Tiffany Haddish), the girl who is not afraid to let loose in any way shape or form. Like most buddy comedies, everyone brings their fair share of personal problems to the trip which complicate a would be fun weekend. There came a point when I finally realized that this movie is way to long to be labeled a comedy (two hours and two minutes) that I wondered if it was intended to be drama instead. Comedies never go that long, because the jokes get spread too thin and ruin the whole vibe of the movie. Girls Trip is a hit with ratings and box office numbers, so it would not surprise me if these ladies meet up again for one more wild adventure. In the sequel, maybe instead of them acting like teenagers again, everyone meets up for a kid friendly trip, where everything that could go wrong goes wrong.

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