The Glass Castle (2017)

The Glass Castle made me want to go home and write my own autobiography, because if Jeanette Walls can have her story published and made into a motion picture, why can’t mine? I related to the subject material in the movie better than any other movie I can remember off the top of my head, except I am far less forgiving in my personal life. Since I caught an early screening of the film last night, there was a 15 minute post credit interview with the author and inspiration of the film, that really made me think less of the movie after I left. She talked of the “empowering” message and how important it is to come to terms with your past. I would have been okay with that message, until she completely changes her tone and stance in the movie which really irked me. Don’t build up walls only to tear them down with ease after life altering events change the course of your life. Personal feelings aside for the subject material, which is at some times very dark and very emotional, yet also funny, the acting is what the heart and soul of this movie is all about. Woody Harrelson is brilliant as the smartest drunk person you may ever meet. Sometimes I see him in a role like this and wonder why he always plays characters with drinking problems. Can’t he land better roles? He turns out to be one of the best and worse fathers ever to have kids, which is both the conflict and heartbeat of Brie Larson’s life on-screen. She has already won an Academy Award for Best Actress because she is truly gifted and extremely talented. One minute she can be bawling her eyes out because she is upset and 30 seconds left she’s crying tears of joy. The story shifts from childhood to adulthood which limits her screen time, but when she’s the focal point she is simply amazing. How she isn’t on my top 10 list of favorite actresses is a mystery I to figure out soon, because most of her movies are great. The biggest reason I can’t give The Glass Castle a higher score is because I don’t agree with how everything turned out. That may be considered unfair or spot on, all depends on your personal experiences and what you really think about the subject material the movie is based upon.

star rating: 6/10

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