An Inconvenient Truth 2: Truth to Power (2017)

Al Gore was elected President of the United States in November 2000, after serving as Vice President the previous eight years. Whether or not you believe that story and the conspiracies around it, there’s one thing that happened for sure, Al Gore left the political arena and became the torch barrier for Global Warming.

Now global warming is a whole other can worms, that as soon as anyone brings it up, you’ll have people who don’t believe in it and those who devote their life to the cause. Al Gore is a busy man, traveling the world to educate everyone who is willing to listen, that climate change is upon us, and even if mother Earth is just following a cycle of repeated events from her ancient history, even the most stark critics can admit that humans have had a hand in the process. If Gore’s goal was to launch a sequel to ever popular Inconvenient Truth and educate more people in 2017, he dropped the ball.

Someone should have sat him down to explain how to get and keep people’s attention. This story/message, with a good intentions, is a complete mess because it bounces from one story line to another without any smooth transitions. If you want to be fired up on stage during a lecture, great, but don’t take me to see the icebergs in Greenland and explain the positive effects of solar power all in the sentence. The writers could have presented this documentary in a better format and if they did, we could have probably just gave them another oscar for best documentary. Sadly this one won’t win anything, but it could help spread a message and make people across the globe aware of the things that are happening right before their very eyes, that most don’t even see.

I believe global warming is a huge problem. I recycle all the stuff I can because I think it will actually make a difference. The only thing this sequel really reminds me of is the same thing that happens in the real world. People with the most amount of money have all the power and those who don’t, really don’t have much of an impact on decisions. Every little thing we do today will help for tomorrow and that’s really all these Inconvenient Truth movies are about, so take them with a grain of salt and be prepared to learn something or sigh at what you don’t believe is true. The choice is yours.

my star rating: 5/10

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